Abundance of Rivers and Lakes


The region has over 160 small and larger lakes. They are very characteristic and precious features of the lay of the land created by the glaciers. The abundance of lakes and rivers makes the region a wonderful destination for the fans of water sports. The kayaking trails of the Czarna Hańcza and the Rospuda rank among the most beautiful in Poland. Tenacious kayakers can try the not less beautiful but much smaller Szeszupa. Lake Wigry is an ideal sailing ground for yachtsmen. Sailors come here attracted first of all by its quiet, natural landscapes and still limited number of yachts around. A popular form of leisure here is also angling. The cleanliness of the local waters and diversity among the lakes as regards their size, depth and fertility favour diversity of fish species, with confirmed presence of over 30 different species. Summer visitors will find here places for swimming. Many of the shores of the lakes offer such leisure – with sandy bottom and not overgrown banks. If you like to dive deeper there is also a perfect place.The largest of them is Lake Wigry ( (2117ha) and the deepest (also in Poland) is Lake Hańcza (108.5m deep) The smallest and most numerous are the so called “kettle lakes” – small reservoirs formed as a result of melting of blocks of ice thousands years ago.