Suwałki Landscape Park

Jezioro Jeglówek

Suwalszczyzna is enclosed within the Suwałki Landscape Park. Jest on najstarszym parkiem krajobrazowym w Polsce, utworzonym 12 stycznia 1976 roku. The small area (62,84 km2) of the Park encloses an amazing amount of a great variety of very distinct post-glacial features. It is here that we see the most beautiful examples of moraines, kames and eskers. Only here we may encounter a hanging valley and natural erratic boulder fields. It is also the land of high hills and deep tunnel valleys, often filled by lakes. The differences in the land level and steep slopes of the hills remind one of a mountain landscape, a rare sight in a lowland. All these features contribute to the charm and specific character of the Suwałki Landscape Park.