Art Patronage


Gen. Ludwik Michał Count Pac was definitely a great lover of art. He devoted a lot of effort and funds to purchase works of art (paintings and sculpture). But, he was not just a mere collector, he was also a patron of artists. His personal commissions had an international scope. The most numerous were here Italian artists (architects: Enrico Marconi, Pietro Bosio; sculptors: Antonio Canova, Cincinnato Baruzzi, Rinaldo Rinaldi, Carlo Aureli, Adamo Tadolini; painters: Niccolo de Angelis, Giovani Battista Caretti, Ferdinand Cavalleri), but there were also Frenchmen (e.g. the painter François Gerard). It is untrue that Ludwik M. Pac never employed Polish artists. To embellish his palace in Warsaw, he brought from Wilno Józef Hilary Głowacki. In his last will he left a legacy to a young sculptor, Władysław Oleszczyński, who repaid the honour by designing his tomb.

by Marek Sidor